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txt_txp_txr in tackeyxtsubasa

A newbie fanfic

My first time posting a fic... Be nice -please!!!

Title: Designated Love.
Pairing: Tackey x Tsubasa
Rated: G- it's sad?
a.n: Tsubasa is a designer and Tackey is his first model...
My first time posting my fic here- so I don't really know how to well...introduce myself..lol..I'm a newbie.sorry for such a mushy title..

He slipped out from the wide bed, rubbing away the sleepiness in him. Papers were everywhere, scattered around untouched. When did he become as so, really? Things were getting into his head faster than he can think about anything. He creaked open his refrigerator, taking out his half filled milk, drinking it out from the carton itself. When had he become as so again?

His parents had sent him packages from his hometown. It had been nearly five months since he went back to Sendai. And things are getting too fast for him to even digest on what had been happening. He gathered the scattered scribbles he had on the floor, putting it in stacks on his half wide metal table. He took another sip from the carton, setting his glance on the roughly drawn costume for his next assignment. He pondered on whether he should go on using the theme that he had thought about the other day. First love..  

He didn’t really know why, instead of creating a female design, it turned out to be male instead. Night gowns, dresses and even blouses are easier to design for him and his lecturer would gladly give him his wanted score that he needed to pass the company’s requirement.

Not tux. Or any of that that he had been imagining as the time ticks. He switched on the TV, mindlessly changing the channel and settled on some documentary about strawberry. Red?



He looked at the mannequin before him. He thought that he would be working with a female… if he could label a gender to the mannequin… but why male?

“I thought I was going to work on dresses?” he smiled nevertheless. The lady before him smiled in reply.  

“You were chosen mainly because of your ‘First love’ design. I know you’ve turned in a lot of other sketches on summer wear and night gowns, but we had never seen such a collection of male designs that brings out such a… how should I put this… romantic feeling.” She was smiling as she explained herself and he smiled back in return. Nothing really came to his mind. Inspiration that came out of the blue got him placed in the best designer label a student could ever get- Van Heusen was trying to expand its brand name in Japan and here he is, as one of the fresh designer to the well-known brand.

“I don’t know if this is going to help, but since you seem lost, do you want me to…well, introduce you to your model?” She asked behind her slick elegant glasses.  

“I would be glad to meet her…him, pardon me.” He nodded, adjusting his carried bag on his shoulder nervously.

“He’s new too, so I think he’ll be as nervous as you are. But he would fit perfectly in with your designs.” She picked up her phone and pressed a number for her secretary that could be visibly seen behind the glass wall.  

“He’s coming,” she announced, smiling again. The door was opened a minute later and in came a loud clatter of a possibly three inches high- heel. He darted his eyes and saw a young lady, hair styled highly up her head that looks like it will fall down anytime soon. Behind him stood a male figure and he patiently waits as she introduced herself, trying her hardest to give her best impression to him. He smiled uncomfortably. When she finally stopped talking and stepped aside did he clearly see the face of his model.

He wasn’t that tall to begin with and he noticed that when he walked in behind the secretary. But his figure was perfect. Not so tall means his flexible; not all Japanese are 6 feet, so he falls in the normal category. But then, his face was what he had never seen before. A complete contrast to his round face, the model had such a strong jaw line. His face was that of what he thought would only be in fairy-tales. It feels like he was back in his elementary school year end stage play, when the cutest kid in his class wore the prince costume he had design for “Cinderella”. His eyes were the kind that he would seen on TV, not that they had some different colours, but his sister would always told him that the actor in movies has eye power, they attract people and capture their hearts.  

“Hi, I’m Takizawa… Takizawa Hideaki.” He held out his hand and it took a split long second for the young designer to notice the model’s hand.

“Imai Tsubasa.”  


It was raining and he smiled as the doorbell rang. His dinner won’t be a problem then. The young lad outside on his porch was smiling when he opened his house door. The weather had been strange lately and he laughed at the others dishevelled hair.

“I thought I’d reach here before it rains…”  

“I’ve told you to bring an umbrella. I saw the weather forecast”

“I thought there’ll be some kind of miracle since I’m here,” the blond model entered the hallway of the ancient European built house.

“You think a lot… We’re just in France and you hope there’s a miracle?” the black-haired designer laughed at his model that had become his closest friend after a couple of years working together. He took the paper bag the model had brought with him and set it on the table, reaching for his sketch book that was spread across the big table.

“What do you think of this?” he shoved his latest sketch to his best friend. The model took it and studied the thoroughly drawn design. 

“You’ve finish it.”

“Yeah.” He took a sip on his red wine, peering at his friend’s reaction carefully. 

“Great as usual, what do you expect?” The model smiled meaningfully, taking in the details the designer had added into his sketch.

“Thanks...” the designer bowed a bit for the compliment. 

“To you.” The model said, then placing the sketch down on the table. “You like strawberry?”


“Thanks for your hard work!” He said loudly, putting down the bouquets presented to him on the walkway a few moments ago in a hurry. He put on his red scarf and leather jacket, running away in the midst of models that surrounded him. He dashed out from the big changing room, heart beating in his ears. His manager was waiting for him outside with his white Benz. Had he forgotten himself, he would have gone out from the fashion show earlier. 

“He is still unconscious?” His voice was shaking.

“I’m supposing so.” 

“Is he going to be okay?”

“I hope so Tsubasa.” 


He smiled as the model twirled in his designed garments. The model beamed happily on the mocked walkway mocking a macho look as the raising designer laughed heartily at his best friend’s childish antics.

“It won’t work on me Hideaki.” 

“Well, I thought I should try…” the model grinned, showing his rows of white teeth.

“You think a lot.” The designer shook his head, laughing at models frolics pose. The model descended down from the large oak table, and went to see himself in the large mirror beside the designer.  

“Better enjoy it while it last, no?”


The whiteness of the hospital gave him a shudder. He had never liked how deadly pale the surroundings of the medical institution had always gave him. Even when he had decorated the room special for his best friend, the life of it was among the deadness. But the paleness of the person before him defeats the colour of the room. When he had dyed his hair black again, he had criticized it.


“You look like a normal person with it.” 

“Better than not even having one, no?”


The heartbeat counter was silent, ticking in remorse.


“Have you ever been in love?” He choked on his coffee. His eyes darted to his smiling best friend. The talk had never occurred to him nor had they talked about it openly.  

“I never had… When I was in my junior high, I liked a girl, but I was a dork then. She said that she could get anyone that she wants and she has no reason to go out with someone like me.” The model smiled as he reminisced his past. The designer placed down the gold brimmed tea cup onto its plate, November wind brushed away his best friend’s long golden bangs.

“Did you get a plastic surgery then?” 

“Me? Nah… It’s just that I didn’t mature normally like other boys. It took me several years till my puberty actually come.”

“How late was it?” 

“A few months before I first met you…”

“And your sister turned you into a model?” 

“You know her better. She came back home after four months to our house and when she saw me, she couldn’t even recognize me.”

“Don’t tell me she was the one who dyed you hair and makes you wear contacts?” 

“She did.” The dark hair designer laughed warmly. The model smiled. “She said… ‘I want people to see how handsome my younger brother is…’”

“I can see that. The way she had introduce me, it seems like she had such a confidence in you.” 


The silent beeping of the hospital’s heartbeat counter was the only sound filling in the room. The middle age elegant lady beside him took her leave as she silently left her seat, bowing to him slightly.

“I will come back as soon as possible, if there’s anything, please call me.” 

“Sure, I will Mrs. Takizawa.” He bowed in return and sat there in silent as she left the room.


“What?” He let himself being pulled up from his arm chair by the shorter man. He sometimes wonders if the pretty model had ever thought anything thoroughly before doing anything, he is such a baby at times. 

“If…erm… I really mean if…if… if you love someone… what would you do?” The blond model stammered, and his cheek flushed. His eyes were wild studying his best friend’s face.

“What would you? What would I do?” 

“Yeah…” The designer smiled at how flushed red the model could turn when he was embarrassed.

“Well… I’d do anything for her.” 

“Oh… Why?”

“Coz I love her?” 

“That’s the only reason?”

“Why not?” 

“Then what would make you love her?”

“I don’t know… Do we even have to have a reason to like anyone?” His brows furrowed as the model turned away, walking towards the large glass window. The guy stood there, studying the night’s view of the city, but he could feel how heavy the other was thinking. 

“What if you’re sick? What if…if you’re going to die soon, would you tell her that you love her?” He asked the question in a tiny voice, eyes slowly creeping back to look over to the only other person in the luxury hotel suit. Feeling disturbed, the designer went over to his best friend, studying the guy’s face.

“What are you thinking, Hideaki?” His voice filled with concern, his hand on the model’s shoulder.  

“Nothing,” the model smiled, “just… my thoughts just went wild and… well, sorry to suddenly start asking you questions Tsubasa.” He nodded his head in a slight gesture of a bow and laughed at his own action.


He shuffled his hand in silent, wondering if he should open the curtain and let the sunshine in. But probably that would blind him till he couldn’t even see his best friend. His eyes shifted as his gaze eventually went to the person lying on the hospital bed. Taking a deep painful breath, he smiled at the person who was smiling at him. 

“How are you today?” he asked slowly. The other person nodded carefully.

“How was the show?” the pale white guy inquired, voice barely audible.  

Smirking slightly he arched his brow, “Like how you would say… ‘Great as usual, what do you expect?’” he lets out a small laugh as the guy grinned.

“I shouldn’t have asked you then. Maybe Toma or Yamapi would know all the blunders you made… and how you screamed to everyone…” the guy said trying not to giggle so hard. The designer smiled wider.  

“I won’t call them even if you ask me to.” He uttered suddenly. Ending his laughter, the bedridden guy inquired silently with his eyes.

“I want you to talk to me… Only me.” He sneered bitterly. 

“That is selfish of you.”

“I don’t think so.” 

“Spoiled rotten, Imai Tsubasa.”

“Call me whatever you want, I won’t let anyone see you.” His voice broke as a small sob escaped his lips. The room was silent as the two young men exchanged gaze among each other. 

“I spoiled you too much, Tsu-chan.”

“You don’t like it?” The designer’s eyes were blurred as tears streamed down his face. 

“No. I like it very much that I spoiled you so much.” Grabbing onto his best friend’s pale hand, the dark haired man let out a loud sob, tears streaming out so fast that he could barely see his best friend.

“I… I…” stammering on his words, he held onto his best friend’s cold fragile hands close to his face, tears sopping onto the white sheets.  

“I love you.” His eyes darted to his best friend’s pale face. The once, prettiest man of Japan was smiling at him. The entity who was bedridden by genetic illness at such a young age of 25, living the glory of his life for barely five years by the name of Takizawa Hideaki flashed his charming prince-like smile.

“I had always loved you… as someone… far more than just best friend…” his voice was fainter, and as he paused, taking in deep and slow breaths, he studied the big eyes that were flooding with tears.  

“Could you…” he paused again, gasping for more air. But, in a second, warm lips covered his. He tasted salt as he smiled slowly. Breaking the kiss a moment later, the face he had adored all that time lingered above his, the skilful hand that had designed many elegant suits caressed his cold face.

“I love you too… I had always love you.” Was the last thing he heard before he closed his eyes. For good.



Such a good fic......::sniff:: although the end was so sad!


August 2015

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